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What is it that every immigrant needs to know before moving to Canada? The fact is that anyone can go to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website, and get access to all the services and information related to immigration, working, and studying, and can apply to live in the lands of the Maple trees, Canada.


This blog, The Canadianization Capsule, is a platform to share topics that new immigrants might not classify as priority while focusing on the nitty-gritty of their immigration process. 

Since the beginning of my journey back in 2007, and throughout the years I have lived in Toronto, I have learned by myself about a variety of crucial topics pertaining to Canada. This is why I am sharing some of my learnings about this amazing country, what new immigrants need to know, what to expect and what to avoid, and I am building this blog to encourage newcomers to get in touch for inquiries and clarifications that might make a difference in their journeys. 


I am looking forward to extending some of the knowledge I have to fellow immigrants in need, and by that ensuring they make their best life decisions in moving to Canada. 

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